This blog follows the trials and tribulations of our young band trying to make a career in music.

Our Drummer is On FIRE!!!

While visiting Leavenworth, WA there are a few “HOT” spots to check out.  One, is Der Hinterhof; a German style Ale House and music venue.  Well, pretty much any Ale House in Leavenworth is “LeavenWORTH” checking out!  From local Northwest Brews to German style dark beers, your taste buds will be tantalized with each sip.  However, there is one place you might want to wait ‘til your very last stop.  That is, if you want any taste buds at all to taste that delicious German beer.  The place I am talking about is at the very end of the main drag directly next to the Munchen Haus.  The name is gone from my memory at the moment, but you’ll know you have arrived when you see the collection of jars filled with jellies, mustards, honeys, bbq sauce, hummus, and of course hot sauce.  The store is filled with every type of dipping delight you can imagine.  Each dip has a small bowl of pretzels to test each one before deciding which one to take home for yourself.  Near the register is a hot sauce with plenty of warning signs.  There’s even a sign that warns parents to keep the sauce away from children!  So, being the Crooks that we are, we had to try it.

We each took our turn allowing the peppers and other ingredients to tear our mouths apart.  After about five seconds the tears began to roll.  This stuff is HOT!  And you only need a tiny amount.  In fact, any more than a rain drop-sized dip can have you on your knees begging for a time machine to take back the courageous amount you scooped onto your pretzel!

Chris Green was the bravest of all that day.  After we each took a sample Mr. Green stepped up to the plate to load his pretzel.  He picked up the saucer and drenched his pretzel in the Hell fire sauce, all the while having a, “I’m a brave badass” snicker on his face.  “No! Don’t do it,” one of us hollered.  Holy S&^%!  I thought to myself as he plunged the pretzel into his mouth!  We all froze!  Did he really just do that???  Yes.  After a few seconds of giving the “rock star horns” he began to succumb to the poison that had just entered his mouth.  Off came the glasses as the tears streamed down his face!  Wow.  He ran to the check out line and bought two over-priced bottles of water and guzzled them.  It was painful to even watch.  Joe’s eyes were watering just at the sight of Chris’ agony.  This all lasted a very painful 20 minutes for Mr. Green as the Capsaicin enzyme (the stuff that makes peppers hot) leveled his taste buds like a bulldozer in soft dirt.

Well, in case you weren’t at our show at The Croc, he did survive.  But, I’m pretty sure he’ll think twice next time about being Mr. Hot Sauce showoff!

The Crooks are enjoying some much needed TLC and rest.  And Cody’s vocals are doing much better!  And although it’s nice to take time off, I can speak for all of us when I say, I can’t wait to get back on the road and make music!  See you all very soon!

Cody Beebe & The Crooks will be performing at Boundary Bay Brewing Co. in Bellingham, WA w/Flowmotion on Sunday, May 29th.



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  1. Laurie Walker

    Hey when will you be back to the boundary bay bellingham brewery? We have friends that would love to see you play.

    On another note: If you should happen to say eat something on fire again eat a spoonfull of sugar. This neatralizes the capsacin in your mouth it doesn’t help completely with coming out the other end.

    Also on another note: I also have been told to not talk. I had laringytis several times in my life and one time this Dr. told me that if I didn’t take care not to get it again or if I did get it not to talk. Because when you do try to talk it puts strain on the vocal cords and you can get the nodules or worse, if there was a worse. Scar tissue build up. All of these things also have to be surgically removed. The last time I had it I could talk for a month. It is very draining and the world seems so quiet. You think alot in your head. That is when I wrote more poetry and random shit. People probably thought I was crazy. But, the outcome was wonderful and I haven’t had laringytis for a long time. So I can totally relate to your situation. You won’t ever take the voice for granted and you will always take care of it too.

    November 18, 2011 at 2:41 pm

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