This blog follows the trials and tribulations of our young band trying to make a career in music.

Oh, Washington!

So, after much deliberation and careful, emotional talks among the band members, we have decided to go our separate ways.  The band is officially breaking up.


APRIL FOOLS!  Just yankin ya!  We’re doing awesome.  Surprisingly, after two months on the road everyone is still alive and well!Hey folks!  …Oh and Happy Birthday to Aaron!!!!

I’m really sorry I have been so dang illusive recently with the blog posts.  A personal family emergency coupled with lots of driving in the van and many shows during the tail-end of this tour, has seemed to resulted in a blog posting vacation.  

The band has been warmly greeted once again by our fans and friends in the greater Pullman/Moscow area!  Our show at the Coug went flawlessly and seemed to be more of a big Pullman party!  John’s Alley was the shiz and fans packed the place for a Thursday night.  We were scheduled to open for Elephant Revival but when we arrived the show got switched on us.  So, after last minute facebook posting and calls to friends to let them know that we are going on late, the show went on and it was a success!

Stayed tuned for our next blog…Cody will be posting about our adventures and probably will disclose some inside information about some nasty tour secrets!  Ooohhh!

Cody Beebe & The Crooks will be performing up at Chinook Pass for a private mountain party tonight (4/1/11)


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