This blog follows the trials and tribulations of our young band trying to make a career in music.

Our first Angeles of the month…

I awoke to my alarm at 5:45…Showered, and threw on the clothes that I had set out the night before on my desk chair…Started coffee and ate some oats and fruit…Loaded the guitars into the trailer…And then watched as the rest of The Crooks arrived on site for yet another exciting road trip together.  The Venue: Peninsula College.  The Destination: Port Angeles.  Drive time: 3h 45m.

The coffee was extra good Wednesday morning; but I think anytime you drink coffee at 6am it helps to raise your spirit.  The drive to Port Angeles was breathtaking, as we took in the Seattle sunrise.

During our time at CUSP in Wenatchee earlier this fall, we secured a few bookings at various community colleges throughout the state.  CUSP is a convention for different types of talent, mainly musicians and bands, to set up booths and promote themselves to student entertainment groups.  It is “fair”ly similar to the Western Fairs Association that we participated in during our stay in Reno a couple weeks ago.

Peninsula College was one of several college gigs that we secured while at CUSP, and I think we all agreed it was one of the best.  From the sunrise over Mt. Rainier to the spontaneous stop at Port Gamble on the way home, it was also one of our best day trips yet.  Oh, and by the way, the cemetery at Port Gamble alone was worth the trip.











Cody Beebe and The Crooks will be on set shooting their first music video this weekend for our song, Nine to Chain.  Log onto to learn more about our song as well as learn about our nation-wide Nine to Chain Campaign.   Also check out ..the video production company that will be shooting the video.



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