This blog follows the trials and tribulations of our young band trying to make a career in music.

Change of Place…

Well, here we are back on the road again.  As I sit in the van typing this out the Grand Sierra Resort and Reno are getting further and further away.  Next stop…Selah, WA for a night of rest before we head to the East side of the state to play a few shows for some friends and fans out there; including: Jackson’s in Kennewick, the Coug in Pullman, and John’s Alley in Moscow, ID.

I learned a few things here in Reno.  Number one; don’t ever stick your finger in the cage of a two month-old squirrel monkey.  Number two; never underestimate the size of the party bone in your average fair industry worker.  I’m not going to go into much detail, but lets just say that when your bongo drum turns into a beer bong during a hotel room party, you know you’re amongst professionals.  Regardless, the Western Fairs Association was once again a great opportunity for us to do some networking and hopefully helped us secure a few fair gigs for the summer.  If anything, we made some new friends, invented what we call the “beer bongo” and were able to add a few more memories in the vault.

Good News: Aaron and Greg were recently approved for a new apartment in West Seattle and will be moving in together in the coming weeks!  Finally, we got Greg down from Bellingham!  I mean, I’ve got nothing against Bellingham, beside the fact that it has been keeping a one hour drive between us and our beloved guitar player.

CBC will be performing next in Kennewick, WA at Jackson’s Sports Bar on Saturday, January 22nd!  Show starts at 9pm!


A few still frames for your viewing pleasure… 


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