This blog follows the trials and tribulations of our young band trying to make a career in music.

Miller…I hardly know her!…


A Day in the Life of a Crook: Eric Miller has been our loyal bass player for almost two years now and I haven’t noticed much of anything that he can’t do (pun intended); and whatever project or job he envelops himself in, he gives 110% and always finishes.  If Miller were a professional wrestler or any other profession that would require an alias, his name would be “The Finisher!”  Hell, Cody refers to The Finisher all the time and I instantly know who he’s talking about.

One of Miller’s most prized atributes is his sandwich-making capabilities.  They are incredible.  The guy makes a damn good sandwich, and I personally guarantee your satisfaction if you are ever lucky enough to indulge in one of these tasty beauties.  Whenever we are about to break for lunch around here, Miller will often ask if anyone wants a “Samich?”  Of course he is referring to a sandwich, but he’s The Finisher so nobody dares question his clever use of sandwich slang.  Hell, I’m thinking of opening a sandwich shop with only one kind of samich called, “The Finisher.”  I’ll have Miller be my head chef and I’ll more than likely be able to retire within a few years with millions.  Eric Miller: photographer, carpenter, sandwich enthusiast, bassist, guitarist, computerist, sound tech, web master, and all around good guy!  Ladies and gentlemen, acquaint yourself with Mr. Eric Miller at our next show.

Crooks Out!


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