This blog follows the trials and tribulations of our young band trying to make a career in music.

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How big is your social networking online media footprint?  This is a question that should not be taken lightly when setting out to find yourself a professional job.  If you are out to get yourself hired, you should probably think twice about just how much dirt is out there.  If you are a recent university graduate expecting to make a career out of marketing then you should probably start deleting those old college beer chugging contest pics that you were tagged in two years ago.  However, if you’re in a band that is trying to get noticed you should probably do the opposite and upload more dirt on yourself/selves.  I wouldn’t advise posting beer chugging pics, but then again, who knows, maybe your next single is entitled, “Chuggington.” We live in an online social networking world, and I am an online social networking girl!…I mean, band.

Today was well spent.  We’ve got ourselves on and grooveshark; two prominent online radio stations that support unknown and unsigned artists.  Of course these stations support big-name bands as well, but not all stations let any band join their network.


A Day in the Life of a Crook: Let us take a moment to recognize one of our prized possessions here at Cody Beebe and The Crooks.  He is the guy with the positive attitude no matter where he is.  He is the guy passing out jager bombs before every show he plays.  He is the guy with the ‘O-Face’ and SRV stratocastor strapped on his shoulders.  He is the guy with the pedal board to choke a donkey.  I am talking of course about Greg Floyd!  I recall the first day I met Mr. Floyd.  It was a late fall day of 2008.  Cody Beebe and I had been invited out to a jam session taking place at 420 Campus St. in Pullman, Washington.  This of course was during the time of our university days.  Yes, back when our precious minds were still being molded by the educational institutions of America.  A time where the beer flowed like wine and the women flocked like the salmon of Capistrano…or did they?  A time where drinking too much meant being hung over enough to have a good excuse not to go to Marketing 360.  A time when you spent hundreds of dollars on books for the semester even though Facebook was the only book you really cared about; and maybe it still is?  Yes, I am talking of course of our late and great days of being in college.   I met Mr. Floyd in the days of our college careers and we have been brothers in music ever since.  He truly helps this world in many ways.  He gives me an appreciation for who I am actually playing music with.  He drops jaws at most concerts we play.  And I have yet to hear this guy say anything negative about anyone.  The next time you are at one of our concerts, please make yourself acquainted with Mr. Floyd.  It will be time well redeemed.

Cody Beebe and The Crooks are playing at Central Washington University tomorrow, Thursday, October 14th.  We all are exceedingly anxious to see our friends there.

Crooks out!


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