This blog follows the trials and tribulations of our young band trying to make a career in music.

What Friends are Four

Wow!  I suppose this is the word that honestly comes to my mind as I sit here typing this out whilst reminiscing on our drive home last night.  After reading through a few of my blogs, one might think I have some form of a love crush on my band-mates; and, in a way, I suppose I do.  I love these guys.  There, I said it!  As far as I can tell, to run a proper business, there are several ingredients you need for success.  And, although at first glance all you might see are a few young dudes driving around in a big van with a trailer playing music, we are a business.  One aspect to consider is good communication.  Communication is the key to success in any relationship you engage yourself in.  Whether it be intimate or professional, without good communication, a true and healthy relationship will not last.

On our road-trip home last night from Pullman, I was able to connect with a few of my brothers in music on a deeper level.  And when I say ‘deep,’ I really do mean it.  “I feel like I’m curled up in your bowels,” Joe said, referring to my in-depth self-reflection and confessions.  I think there may have been something in the air yesterday evening, or maybe it was those tasty chocolate candies we ate that made us open up to each other the way we did.  Whatever the case may be, we communicated.  And it wasn’t just talking, it was communicating.  On my search of self-revelation and discovery, I have learned that there is a substantial difference between ‘talking’ and ‘communicating.’  Yesterday evening we communicated from Washtucna to Seattle.  In mileage terms that’s pure communication for 220 miles.  In time, that’s 3 hours and 45 minutes.  Monetarily and emotionally speaking, if we were to break this down in terms of counseling sessions, we spent about four sessions of pure therapeutic communication together which also adds up to be about $350 at your average psychological counselor’s office and we did it with a van, five good friends, and a handful of shameless attitudes.  It’s interesting to see what can become of a conversation when you break down a few walls.  It’s also interesting to consider the state of time when you are engaged in true communication.  It goes fast.  You know the old saying, ‘time flies when you’re having fun,’ well it also flies when you’re communicating.  Do you get my point here?  We communicated.  I won’t bore you with the ‘deets’ of our ‘rambles,’ but I will say this: I believe we all ended that road trip with a deeper sense of ourselves and the dynamics of our relationships as friends, as business partners and as brothers.  Thank you Chris, Joe, Cody, and Eric.

A Day in the Life of  a Crook: wake up.  call Mom cuz you haven’t talked…I mean communicated with her in about a week or so.  make a pot of coffee.  make some oats with frozen berries and yogurt cuz you need to eat healthier.  road trip to Joe’s g/f’s parents’ house to pick up the pit bull. update online media. rehearse a few songs cuz we are performing at a wedding tonight.  shower. drive to Woodenville. perform at a wedding. drive home. sleep.


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