This blog follows the trials and tribulations of our young band trying to make a career in music.

Monday Morning Comin’ Down

After a very successful weekend, full of great shows, the band is back in the ‘Crook Layer’ for some much needed sleep, TLC, relaxed rehearsal, merch inventory, sleep, and sleep.  After Friday night’s show alone I was hitting a pretty hard wall.  So to add on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon show made my bed all the more inviting.  After getting home around 8pm or so we all relaxed, ate some good food, and hit the hay; as it were.

Thank you to all who came out and supported us on Friday night.  It was a great show for us on stage and you all made it even better for us.  There was nothing but positive vibes streaming forth at the stage.  Rich said he met a lot of new fans and great people who stopped by the merch booth to say hello and pick up a new t-shirt.  The Salmon Festival in Leavenworth also proved to be a success as we rocked the stage at 2 ‘o clock on Saturday and 3:30 on Sunday.  We met a lot of new friends and we can’t wait to return this winter for more festivities at the hatchery grounds as well as up on Stevens Pass!  From all of the Crooks, thank you very much for the support and dance moves!

A Day in the Life of a Crook: Every time the van hits the road there seems to be new adventures awaiting our log book and new roads to wear our tires.  We share a lot of laughs, a lot of hugs, and, did I say a lot of laughs?  If you don’t know Joe Catron yet you are missing out on meeting one of the most fun loving, hop loving, confident, and talented percussionists that we are blessed to have on stage with us.  He is the blonde and bearded gentlemen who sits behind the African hand drums.  There are a few things you need to know about Joe.  First of all, he is one of the most intelligent individuals I know; a human dictionary at times.  Secondly, he has the gag reflexes of a three-year-old being tested for Strep.  The guy quite literally will gag at the mere thought of something.  Why just the other day I had a bad case of wind and he gagged in my presence.  I don’t blame him, it wasn’t pleasant in the least, but to gag just at the smell of a fart?!  The point of all this introduction takes place on Saturday night just after the band left a private barbecue party.  As the van was rolling down Highway 2 back toward the metropolis of Leavenworth a strange scent was lingering throughout the van.  Joe started asking who farted?  Eric said the van smelled of poop for some odd reason?!  The fingers began to point toward Rich and the poor guy, laughing all the while, was wrongfully accused.  Suddenly, the culprit was identified; the left shoe of our drummer Chris Green!  While walking through the yard back to the van he engraved a pile of dog shit to the under side of his shoe.  In an instant the whole van was in a slight state of panic with screams and laughs and windows being opened.  And before anyone knew it, Joe had his head buried inside a shopping bag and was doing more than just gagging.  He threw up all of the great food he had just consumed at the barbecue and didn’t know what to do with it.  With a swift toss the bag in all its glory was tossed to the side of Highway 2.  A few miles passed by the van before Joe realized he was missing something important…his tooth.  Something else you should know about Joe….after an unfortunate elbow- to-face accident playing a game of trampoline basketball the poor fella lost one of his two front teeth and he has had a fake tooth ever since.  And now that fake tooth he has had for so many years was back on the side of the road in a bag of his own vomit.  If that’s not something to gag about, I don’t know what is.  But somehow he managed to rifle through his own pile of already-digested food to find his tooth without gagging…again.  After all is said and done everyone, including Joe’s Front Tooth, survived the whole ordeal.  Boy howdy!!

Crooks Out!


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